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Welcome to SkillsBuild
Project Mentoring for Learners

SkillsBuild Project Mentoring for Learners is your accelerated path to gaining the knowledge, skills, and experience to apply for entry-level job in a career of your choice. It is recommended that all students applying to join a project complete the Career Jumpstart experience.  This will help you acquire the minimum prerequisites for any project and give you a better understanding of different roles in technology and which roles would be best suited to your strengths and interests.

Projects will be made available through SkillsBuild not-for-profit partners. Please check with your organization to find out which projects are available to you and whether there are any prerequisites.

SkillsBuild project Mentoring will be an essential part of this experiential learning opportunity. Mentors will guide you together with your peers through a camp, project or project-based learning. They will offer feedback in office hours, facilitate study groups and/or evaluate your results.

When you are nominated to a project you will be invited to join a SkillsBuild project group. Details about your project will be available on the SkillsBuild Projects Mentoring platform.

Being Proactive - the key to mentorship
Here are some tips to get the most out of the SkillsBuild project mentoring experience:

  • Prepare for live mentoring sessions by preparing questions you want to ask.
  • Be punctual for your session to make the most of your allocated time. Your mentor may have other commitments after your session.
  • If you are unable to make your session, please do let your mentor know beforehand that you will not be available. Take the lead during the project meetings and ask questions.
  • Do not ask your mentors for job placement in their company. There are other support channels for access to employment.
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