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Mentoring for Learners

IBM SkillsBuild provides free online learning content, badges, hands-on experience and mentoring to prepare you for an in-demand entry level IT job role. Mentoring is an essential element of the SkillsBuild program to support you on your journey to career-readiness.

What is a SkillsBuild mentor?
A mentor is a professional guide to share knowledge and experiences from their working life. SkillsBuild mentors are IBM employees or employees from SkillsBuild partner organizations and companies who volunteer to support SkillsBuild learners with their expertise. SkillsBuild mentors are ready to share their expertise and work experience with SkillsBuild learners.

What does a SkillsBuild mentor do?
A SkillsBuild mentor offers learning support, career orientation and/or might guide you through a SkillsBuild project. SkillsBuild mentors can serve as your sounding board, share their insider perspective, and help you work through challenges ahead of you.

Why you should consider working with a SkillsBuild mentor?
From a mentor you can get valuable insights and feedback, be encouraged, learn from their successes and mistakes. They will be available for your questions and thoughts so you can better find your direction and focus on your goals.

What kind of questions will a SkillsBuild mentor help you with?

  • Career orientation
    SkillsBuild mentors can help with questions about job roles and related skills as well as career opportunities in the profession you would like to qualify for.
  • SkillsBuild courses
    SkillsBuild mentors offer support with questions that arise during online learning about the specific in demand IT-skills like software development, cybersecurity, data science, AI & machine learning and many more. They can also support with insights into working practices.
  • SkillsBuild Projects
    SkillsBuild mentors will share their professional expertise with you as you work through a project and gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience for a particular job role. They will provide weekly guidance during scheduled office hours, lead your team towards successful completion of your final project and provide feedback on your final presentation/pitch and your digital portfolio.
  • Job search
    SkillsBuild mentors can share their experience for job search support. They can help with hints and tips for CVs and resumes, interview preparation and professional networking. Activities in career mentoring can include job search techniques, proof-reading of CVs and resumes and mock interviewing.

How to find a SkillsBuild mentor who is a great match?

  • If you have been selected for mentoring by your organization, you can access Mentoring directly from the SkillsBuild platform. You will find a SkillsBuild mentoring icon there to click on and sign up as a mentee.
  • Make sure you fill out your profile as detailed as possible to find a great SkillsBuild mentor match.
  • Once your profile is created you will find profiles of mentors to choose from.
  • The best mentor matches will appear at the very top of the page but the ones with a smaller matching score might also have great advice for you.
  • Check the availability of a mentor before contacting the person and provide some of your questions in advance so the mentor can prepare for the conversation/session.

Being Proactive - the key to mentorship
All of the benefits of SkillsBuild Mentoring is in your hands. Here are some tips to get the most out of the mentoring experience:

  • Prepare for your mentoring session by listing some questions you would like to ask your mentor.
  • Be punctual for your session to make the most of your allocated time. Your mentor may have other commitments after your session.
  • If you are unable to make your session, please do let your mentor know beforehand that you will not be available. During your first conversation, introduce yourself and share your career goals, study interests and what you hope to gain during the session. Take the lead during the conversation and ask questions.
  • Avoid asking mentors for job placement in their company. There are other support channels for access to employment.

Get active, register for the SkillsBuild mentoring and reach out to a mentor!